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At Hoogly, we are always looking for ways to give our customers a true feel of our Danish ethos Hygge through our teas—even though this is a little tricky to pin down. Essentially, Hygge should feel like home. It should feel like the first time you sit down after a long day on your feet. It should feel like the comfort PJs and fluffy socks. Hygge should feel like warm memories of childhood and sunlight on your eyelids. It should feel like laughing with your best friends. It should feel like fresh air and open spaces, with nothing but hope on the horizon.

As one of the happiest nations on Earth, the Danes are unsurprisingly good at incorporating these feeling of Hygge into their everyday life—especially their culinary experiences. Take, for example, one of their signature desserts: rødgrød med fløde (red berry pudding). This tricky-to-pronounce national treasure has been a staple of Danish homes since the late 19th century, incorporating a selection of sun-ripened berries thickened with potato starch or arrowroot (to make rødgrød—red porridge) and served with heavy cream. It offers a deliciously sweet taste with a soup-like consistency that gets better with every mouthful. The combination of red and white also references the Danish flag, making it even more special to our Scandinavian friends!

Tapping into the simple beauty of berries has long been key to summer culinary success. But these little squishy treats are not just yummy, they’re also very good for us—which is always a lovely bonus! Blueberries, blackberries and raspberries are all high in fibre, which is great at keeping our digestive tracts working efficiently. One cup of strawberries contains an entire day’s worth of vitamin C, which helps boost our immune system. In addition to this, some berries contain antioxidant properties, which can help protect the body against damage and disease.

Looking after your body and mind is key to Hygge—focusing on the things that bring you health and happiness are the central pillars of our Danish ethos, and live at the heart of our teas (with the odd indulgence here and there, of course!) And so, with happiness and Hygge in mind, we’re extremely proud to introduce our latest tea blend: Berrylicious berry tea! With no added sugar, this summer spectacular combines the natural sweetness of strawberries, raspberries and apple pieces with rosehips, hibiscus and roasted dandelion root to bring you a wonderful feeling of comfort and joy—mixed with a little bit of sunny adventure!

Feel free to enjoy our yummy new-comer hot or cold as the weather dictates—and for the peak of the heatwave—why not try popping the tea in a lolly mould in the freezer overnight for a icy and refreshing treat to keep the sweltering skies at bay!

So, there you have it—if you want something new and exciting this summer, go with Hoogly Berrylicious, and keep the good times rolling!

Try it at www.hooglytea.com

Written by Chris Bedford.

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Serving a Winning Tea!

Serving a Winning Tea!

Disaster! Cue the violins! Throw the tennis racket against the wall in dismay! Our tennis hero Andy Murray has pulled out of Wimbledon 2018, citing that it was ‘too soon’ to push himself through the gruelling best-of-five set matches. It’s a very disappointing moment for all those who remember the sensational drama and history-making tournament of 2013 when Murray carried a nation on his back, playing with power, touch, courage and resilience to overcome Novak Djokovic in straight sets, ending Britain’s 77 year wait for a Wimbledon champion. Who could forget the screams of the crowd as Murray punched the air? The look of acute joy and relief on his face. His mother’s tears. Andy’s emotional dash into the crowd to celebrate with those who had guided him through his journey. And, of course, holding the beautiful trophy aloft, eliciting more euphoria from the cheering spectators.

But this year, we won’t have a repeat. Or will we? As Murray has been side-lined with injury, he has been replaced as the British number one by Yorkshireman Kyle Edmund, who recently beat Murray at Eastbourne. Edmund has had a breakthrough year, surging into the world’s top 20 after cracking the semi-finals of the Australian Open. Can we dare to dream again? The world number 18 has only ever won one main-draw match at SW19, but who’s to say that something unlikely can’t happen again on grass? We’re buzzing, too, about the prospects of national hero Johanna Konta, who produced sustained moments of magic and grit to reach last year’s Wimbledon semi-final, allowing her to climb to fourth in the women’s rankings. With legend Serena Williams returning after giving birth to her child, the path to victory for Konta looks tricky (Serena has not lost a Wimbledon singles match since 2014) but with enough self-belief and support from an phenomenal local crowd, Johanna has got all the tools she needs to take those final steps to glory!

So, with all this excitement, drama and tension during the tournament, how will you stay chilled? The answer, of course, is Hoogly Teas! With all the indulgent glamour of strawberries and cream, our beautiful brews are the ideal way to bring a bit of mindfulness into your viewing routine, building on the Danish ethos of Hygge, which teaches us to be calm, cosy and focus on the things that make us happy in life.

Serve up an elegant treat for the whole family with Jasmine Dawn green tea—a sumptuous combination of jasmine, vanilla and rose that will tantalise your senses and keep you coming back for more! If you want to serve up a surprising ace, why not try Marzipan Rooibos? This delicious herbal blend is pure liquid luxury, suffused with the rich flavour of Marzipan, transforming your five-minute break into a tranquil field of harmony!

For those who enjoy the traditional playing colours of Wimbledon, why not celebrate this year’s tournament with Sparkling White tea? This is a truly refreshing and refined Chinese brew, supplemented with invigorating flowers and fruit pieces that have all the poise and balance of a perfectly struck forehand winner down the line.

If this year’s tournament thrills and inspires you, why not get out and try tennis for yourself? There’s nothing more Hoogly than keeping your body and mind in good shape by having fun with sports, so pick up a racket, get yourself down to a court and get serving! This author played for the first time ever on holiday in May, and despite having the ideal physique and range for tennis, I was truly awful…but after a while I began to pick it up the basics and I had a wonderful time trying. And, best of all, all that running around made some more room for hotel puddings—even more Hoogly!

So, whether you’re heading to SW19 or sitting at home in front of the TV, make sure you sit back, relax and pour yourself some Danish delight to bring home the glory for Britain!

 Written by Chris Bedford,


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