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​Hoogly is the pronunciation of ‘hyggelig,’ a nordic word used describe the combined feelings of warmth and well being.  We have 18 indulgent blends all lovingly created, hand blended in the UK with this lifestyle in mind.

We invite you now to have a hoogly time drinking one of our delicious and indulgent brews, and be seduced by the wonderfully relaxing Danish way of life.

Hoogly Tea - Spiced Orange - Herbal Infusion
Hoogly Tea - Lemon & Ginger - Herbal Infusion
Hoogly Tea - Cosy Chamomile - Herbal Infusion
Hoogly Tea -Chill out Mint- Herbal Infusion
Hoogly Tea - Marzipan - Rioobos
Hoogly Tea - Baked Apple Chai - Black Tea

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